what does blue revolver mean?

The name was created in honor of our founder’s husband, who left the Australian Special Forces to share in her dream of creating immersive, theatrical experiences for consumers whose imaginations are as limitless as hers.

We don’t love guns, but "revolver" means more than that to us. It’s both a nod of appreciation to her husband’s sacrifices and also the embodiment of our creative process: we take an idea and quickly evolve it and revolve it into a fully realized, seamless and on-point experience.

And why the color blue? Well, as creatives we love nothing more than a good ole’ blue sky meeting, where our imaginations can be entirely unlimited. It is here where all of our best work comes from!


So, there you have it...



what does blue revolver do?

experiential / events

We are storytellers who evolve ideas into tangible moments. We fuse our boundless creativity and diverse expertise to form substantial, captivating and undeniably shareable experiences. We breathe life into brand strategies by fostering events from concept to construction to execution. Our work spans all major brand experience channels. Be it a music festival, a pop-up, a stunt, a tour, a mobile campaign or any other experience we can imagine, we are driven to realize it and release it into the world. The only limit is the beautiful blue sky!

sponsorship development

We are matchmakers who leverage our relationships to bring together brands and properties to forge meaningful partnerships. We connect the dots and navigate the intersections to create seamless integrations. We source, review and negotiate strategic sponsorships that we uniquely elevate through the in-person experiences and content we produce.

digital media design

We are artists who create compelling images that honor brands and call consumers to action. We design media that span both the physical and digital worlds to craft comprehensive stories that are as visually appealing as they are provocative. We believe that when you’re doing it right, form and function complement each other in ways that are perfectly natural and elevate the experience of a design.

content creation

We are filmmakers who use moving images to tell tales that captivate consumers and exalt brands. Our pictures speak thousands of words in an instant.  We are the creatives who have conceived of, directed and produced some of the world’s most viewed online branded content.  We are passionate about creating content that conveys focused messaging and meaning.​​


have a project?

We enjoy both working in a studio as well as taking on outside missions. So if you want to work with us— don’t hesitate to fill out the form below.


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