Blue Revolver and all of our creators have long worked together to create our unique sensory, theatrical, and environmental experiences. We use these one-of-a-kind destinations to tell stories that deliver on our promise: CREATE JOY.

Whether it be for 3 minutes, 30 minutes or 3 hours, we consider it our responsibility to elevate our guests’ everyday lives through the spaces we create. For the lucky few who are invited to partake, we offer places where they can be fully present through all the senses. If we’ve done our job right, they’re left feeling deeply grateful to the brand or individual who made it possible.

The 5 Human Senses: Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch
What's your sense?
Blue Revolver tells immersive stories that use sensory stimuli to inspire meaningful memories.
We are destination creators for some of the world’s most amazing brands and individuals. The five human senses of interaction are the tools we use to evolve ideas into tangible moments that create lasting connections.
Through unrestricted imagination, relentless research and diverse expertise in fields ranging from design to science to fabrication and beyond, we produce substantial, captivating and undeniably shareable experiences for diverse audiences around the world.

How can we help?

experiential / events

We breathe life into brand strategies by fostering events from concept and construction through execution and evaluation. Our work spans all major brand experience channels. Be it an artistic installation, a pop-up, a stunt, a tour, a mobile campaign or any other experience we can imagine, we are driven to realize it and release it into the world. The only limit is the beautiful blue sky!

sponsorship development

We are relationship builders who bring together brands and properties to forge meaningful partnerships. We connect the dots and navigate the intersections to create seamless integrations. We source, review and negotiate strategic sponsorships that we uniquely elevate through the in-person experiences and content we produce.

digital media design

We are artists who create compelling designs that honor brands and call consumers to action. We develop media across the physical and digital realms to share comprehensive stories that are as visually appealing as they are provocative. We believe that when you’re doing it right, form and function complement each other in ways that are perfectly natural and elevate the experience of a design.

content creation

We are filmmakers who use moving images to tell tales that captivate consumers and exalt brands. Our pictures speak thousands of words in an instant.  We are the creatives who have conceptualized, directed and produced some of the world’s most viewed branded content.  We are passionate about creating media that conveys focused messaging and meaning.​​

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How can we, Blue Revolver, creators of some of the world’s most imaginative and immersive live experiences, harness our boundless creativity and the insights of scientists and experts, to create a destination designed to make people as happy as humanly possible?


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